Halpa Halli - Webstore’s Multi-Channel Customer Service

"Ease of use, multi-channel support and monitoring of customer satisfaction were important aspects for us when mapping different options for customer service."
-Eveliina Palola, Customer Service Coordinator, Halpa-Halli



The quality of customer experience as a premise for the webstore

Fluent and enjoyable multi-channel customer service is a basic, must-have requirement for today’s consumers

Our Solution

Customer service with Zendesk

  • Customer can use his/her preferred channel to contact. Zendesk collects the messages under the right account without the customer having to remember to include e.g. order number in the headline
  • Customer satisfaction, automatic monitoring
  • Comprehensive reporting, concrete tools for management
  • Due to effectiveness, high-quality service can be achieved with less personnel

Integration to Magento 2 webstore

  • Webstore delivered by Piimega. Combination of the world’s most popular platforms in their fields: Magento and Zendesk

Used Technologies

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"We have to be available where our customers want to meet us."

"To improve our customer service, we must have the courage to ask feedback about the quality of our work."

Kallovaara Marko