Pepron is a consulting company focused on bringing new and innovative ways to use cloud and mobile services to facilitate and improve everyday business operations. We implement integrated business solutions with the help of widely used mobile services and the latest cloud technologies.

Built from a customer and end-user perspective, our solutions meet the business needs and fit the existing processes of customer organizations. Pepron’s specialized offering includes consulting, cloud and mobile system development and delivery, training, maintenance and ongoing support to ensure that our clients are getting the full benefits of the delivered solutions.

"Our customer base includes large international enterprises as well as small local companies from a variety of different industry sectors. We constantly work with highly innovative companies; we help them in creating even better solutions and at the same time learn and become acquainted with the newest technology trends in their respective businesses", says Janne Räsänen, CEO of Pepron, and continues:
"This significant experience gained through the successful realization of numerous projects enables our consultants to help you take full advantage of the latest technologies and incorporate them directly into your business."

Juutilainen Jonna

Tommi Salonen

Salonen Tommi

Technology Consultant +358 44 974 1670

Lehtiniemi Ville

Jukka Klemettilä

Klemettilä Jukka

Kilpelänaho Vesa

Agyei Eunice

Eteläperä Matti

Timo Strömmer

Strömmer Timo

Technology Consultant +358 40 748 4645
Seppo Kilpelänaho

Kilpelänaho Seppo

Technology Consultant +358 41 547 6321

Ohtonen Jukka

Markku Hentilä

Hentilä Markku

Tienari Heikki

Lukkari Janne

Mänty Marko

Henrik Heusala

Heusala Henrik

Korhonen Jani

Andy Alorwu

Alorwu Andy

Janne Räsänen

Räsänen Janne

Kangas Sami

Riku Salminen

Salminen Riku

Technology Consultant +358 50 482 1270

Velasco Maria

Kallovaara Marko

Kylmäoja Jouko

Pauli Mänty

Mänty Pauli

Technology Consultant +358 40 587 7367