Devops engineer position


We are currently looking for a devops engineer. As a devops person you should have experience on multiple operating systems, be fluent in shell scripting, and have some sort of experience in provisioning systems. Experience with a cloud service provider would be much appreciated, for example experience with Amazon WS / EC2 is valued. Continuous integration and deployment should not be unfamiliar to you. It would also be a delightful surprise if you would have tinkered a bit with a distributed virtualization frameworks such as Kubernetes, Aurora or Mesos. And actually used them in production! Knowledge of monitoring systems, database clusters (NoSQL/SQL), running various technologies both in testing and production environments are also valued assets

What we expect from you

Some keywords that should ring a bell: CentOS, Ubuntu LTS, Debian, RedHat, Ansible, Capistrano, Chef, Puppet, Bash, sed, awk, regex, Virtualbox, Vagrant, Docker, Jenkins, AWS, Amazon EC2/S3, Digital Ocean, init.d, systemd, MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB, nginx, Apache httpd, Varnish, Cron, Kubernetes, Apache Mesos/Aurora, Java EE application servers, Apache ActiveMQ, Python, Perl, Go, gunicorn, wsgi, node.js, REST, SOAP, Load balancing, irc, BOFH, WMware vSphere


Oulu, Helsinki, Tampere or remotely in Finland.

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