Fullstack developer


A jack of all trades is a master of none, they say, but they are wrong. You don’t have to master it all, but you should be comfortable throughout the webstack.

What we expect from you

  • Good understanding of the basic building blocks of fullstack development. NoSQL/SQL databases, HTTP(S), REST/SOAP, Ajax, HTML/CSS.
  • A backend technology of your choice(Python + some framework, node.js, Go, Scala, Java EE, RoR - whatever rocks your boat)As far as architecture goes, you should understand how to best serve the mobile clients in addition to the web front
  • A frontend FOTM technology of your choice - but most of all the ability to adapt to new frontend gimmicks.
  • Great communication skills and a sense of humour (optional)
  • Location

    Oulu, Helsinki, Tampere or remotely in Finland.

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