Web front developer


We are looking for a web frontend developer. You should be able to turn the visions of the artist into fluent, beautiful frontends utilising a tech framework of your choice. Having a bit of an eye for visually pleasing stuff might be the thing that separates you from the mass of applicants. You don't have to be a veteran of the internet wars, you may well be a youngster with the yearning to learn new, and have great potential. The most important skills you have are the ability to adapt, communicate well, understand the requirements and priorities, and provide a nice bunch of ajaxy html with css.

What we expect from you

  • Have something to show of your work. Please submit a nice looking website or two.
  • The ability to learn new, and to be able to (and be willing to!) adapt to the FOTM frameworks of web development.
  • Be able to listen, read, understand and produce.
  • Know your basic building blocks well, despite the framework used. HTML, CSS, Ajax, JS. The works.
  • Lots of other acronyms related to web development.
  • Location

    Oulu, Helsinki, Tampere or remotely in Finland.

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