babelforce - Cloud-based Call Center

Together with babelForce, we bring call center to the new era. With babelForce-services we integrate international and local phone-call needs to be part of total customer collaboration solutions.

Complete Phonecall Solution from Cloud

  • Automate your call and SMS
  • Use any device, GSM-phone, VoIP-phone, softphone...
  • Define phone queues as you like, withput any programming projects
  • Phone records to be as a daily work
  • Tightly integrated to Zendesk - Your agents can work with Zendesk interface, no need to go to other systems
  • Full reporting integrated to other Zendesk reporting data


Key Features

Complete phone solution
Control calls and SMS easily, create groups, automate whole call and SMS handling
Choose one or more local numbers from different countries - transfer existing numbers to be part of solution
Use any device to answer calls, GMS, VoIP etc.
IVR - Let your customers to tell you when it's best time to answer
Full reports about call and SMS activity, integrated to Zendesk reporting
You can yourself configure system, change call control, and voice notes...
Phone records to be part of the workflow
Phonecall into Zendesk - Answer, call and control your presense with Zendesk app
Callback and voicebox



146€ /kuukausi

  • babelforcen platform - full solution to handle phonecalls and SMSs
  • 5 simultaneous phone agents
  • Complete Zendesk-integration

Example Number Pricing

25€ setup, 5€ /month

  • Local country number
  • You may transfer your existing number, with separate request

Additional Agents

29 € /month

  • You pay only agents you need
  • Easy to scale for big organizations also

Pepron offers also configuration, tailoring and development services to complete your needs