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Greip™ is a visionary software solution providing modern tools for IP management and collaboration. We are a diverse group of IPR, software and service professionals. The mixture of our team’s skills ranging from IPR to technology and business to service design, gives us the perfect combination of experience and know-how to serve our customers and understand their needs.

Our strong background and long experience in working in the IPR industry gives us also the ability to help, guide and support you to utilize the possibilities of your Intellectual Property to maximize the benefits for your business.

In addition to the basic implementation and training we offer a variety of value adding services.

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Greip™ was originally created by Berggren Oy, a leading full-service IP House, to serve the customers better by using a modern and secure solution for collaborating with the IP service provider. Over the years, the service has developed into serving the growing need to manage the customers’ complete IP lifecycle, independent from IPR agent services. Greip IP Solutions Oy was established when Berggren Oy incorporated the Greip™ business in 2018.

Today Greip™ has nearly 5000 users in more than 350 organizations internationally – and growing.