Safeobject build smartphone based tool for mobile workforce

Safeobject is a solution for ensuring safety, quality, and work supervision with mobile staff in a changing work environment. Pepron has been involved in making Safeobject a product with which Safeobject will serve companies in different sectors, such as mining, recycling, hospitals, crushing, blasting, and construction—with the same product engine, a mobile application completely adjustable for individual businesses. Pepron’s services with Safeobject cover, in addition to product development needs, business development and creating a customer service component. Pepron is a true multi-sector actor supporting Safeobject.", says Sami Varpenius COO of Safeobejct

Safeobject is a work safety solution for mobile staff designed for industrial needs. It seamlessly combines work and safety instructions for individual sites, reporting tasks and time spent, documentation with pictures, and several other elements aimed at ensuring safety in industry, construction, and maintenance.

As industrial processes become increasingly complicated and production capacity is required to grow constantly, demands for safety, documentation, communication, and reporting become even more important than before.

Typical risks involved in some processes are falling, threats of fire or explosion, dangerous substances, or site-specific challenges. In other cases the challenges are cold or hot temperatures, or other external factors.

At the same time the production must be efficient, and results have to be reported precisely for each machine or piece of equipment, or at the level of individuals—whether you are measuring tons, time, or other similar variables. Documenting changes has to happen in real time.
Some procedures aimed at ensuring safety are determined by law, and others are actor-specific.

Safeobject has been developed taking into account these variables—with over 10 years of experience in the field.

A summary of the work safety solution for mobile staff:

  • Work safety instructions
  • Work instructions
  • Warnings
  • Checklist and inspection register
  • Measurements and measurement report
  • Staff location
  • Location of tools and machinery
  • Inspection and maintenance registers