Kastelli brought detached house building and living to the digital age

Kastelli brought customer experience to a new level and redesigned its own workflows to meet the requirements for flexibility and efficiency.

"We have closed lots of new deals with the help of Weblead."

-Jukka Vaaramo, CEO, Kastelli-talot


Kastelli wants to invest in consistent customer experience to deliver its value promise as the market leader in Finnish prefabricated houses. “It is essential to us that the customer receives precise and high-quality service from the first contact all the way to the completion of the house and to the maintenance phase”, tells Jukka Vaaramo, Chief Executive Officer at Kastelli-talot.

The impulse for development came from customer feedback. Vaaramo describes how creating an entirely new level of customer experience was set as the goal for the digitalization project. Kastelli wanted to bring the benefits of digitalization also to the somewhat traditional construction and housing industry.

The fully redesigned OmaKastelli digital service was launched in March 2017. It improves and eases the building project in many ways:

Less paper, more real-time information, more consolidated and transparent communication along with other important information to be saved in smartphone pictures.

One does not forget electricity subscription and other practical issues anymore even if the different phases of building wouldn’t be that familiar.

OmaKastelli supports different devices and is optimized especially for mobile use. The most concrete change is that all information concerning one’s home is available regardless of time and place – both in the building and living phases. Vaaramo underlines: “With OmaKastelli you can easily manage all the strings of your home.”

Redesigning Kastelli’s own workflows to flexible, agile and efficient

The digitalization project involves also a significant change in Kastelli’s own culture and workflows. “We didn’t just develop a new digital service to our customers but also updated our own processes and workflows”, Vaaramo emphasizes.

In addition to customers, also Kastelli’s own personnel got better tools and processes to run their everyday work. Pepron gathered customer communication and the internal handling of the cases under one tool with Zendesk, the world’s most used customer service platform. Consolidating communication and information demanded integrations to other systems, for instance to OmaKastelli. Now every communication channel – including OmaKastelli messages – is managed through one interface.

Customer Service Manager Heikki Hannila describes his team’s present work:

“In order to communicate with our customers, we don’t have to keep separate windows and tools open. For example, emails, phone calls and OmaKastelli messages are all in the same place. We can continuously monitor and improve the quality of our customer service.”

Customer cases have to often be handled with external partners and other third parties. According to the Chief Information Officer Mika Virsunen, Zendesk enables fluent management of the message threads which can evolve to rather complicated issues and, therefore, the flow of information between parties.

Capturing leads with Pepron Weblead

The first step in cooperation was Pepron’s Weblead service added to Kastelli website. Almost every consumer planning to build a house visits the market leader’s website to learn more. Weblead is attached to the chat window and provides an easy-to-use channel to ask more and also guides customers to the right specialist in the whole country. After all, when planning a decision size of a house there are questions arising in one’s mind, even though Kastelli website already includes a lot of helpful content.

Pepron implemented Weblead with Zendesk and Zopim chat service, which were tightly integrated to each other. The service comprises of two components: from the chat and from an automatic contact form, which activates when the specialists are not present.

Weblead includes reporting and takes care the customers are promptly contacted. “Weblead has given us an entirely new, efficient channel to reach the customers planning to buy a house. We have closed lots of new deals with the help of Weblead.”, Jukka Vaaramo commends.

Would you like to serve your customers better? It might be even easier than in your present everyday work.

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Kastelli-talot manufactures houses and villas and is Finland’s market leader in prefabricated houses. It is part of a financially sound Harjavalta Group, established in 1920, which employs 2000 people with a turnover of 240 million euros. The most buyed house brand Kastelli has been since 1994. Small-sized detached house and Buy a House Online service are examples of their most recent launches.

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