Opal Blue expertise now available to all Pepron customers

"In the past at Opal Blue we have worked together in many projects with Pepron and have shared the similar vision on developing the companies. It was only natural to combine our expertise allowing us to serve our customers with a wider offering.", says Jani Korhonen, Vice President of Software, Pepron.

After years of co-operation, Opal Blue and Pepron have agreed to deepen their collaboration and to combine their know-how in business and software development. Opal Blue has placed it's expertise at Pepron's offering making it easier for customers to access a bigger pool of professionals. As now co-owners, Opal Blue, Pepron and the experts have commited to a long-term arrangement.

Opal Blue is a company specialized in business management consultation, business development, supporting software development and venture investments. Opal Blue has provided consultation services to customers varying from high-tech start-ups to traditional industrial businesses.

During the co-operation, Pepron and Opal Blue owners identified a lot of similarities in their different business operations and felt that combination would offer a better and more efficient platform for achieving the long term targets. Owners have also been working together in the past in other companies over a decade which builds the trust and enabled a smooth migration.

As of this release, the agreement has been fully executed and migration completed. The new Pepron crew is excited to continue growing the company and developing the offering.