Webstore’s Multi-Channel Customer Service

Pepron delivered Zendesk based Customer Service Solutions for Halpa-Halli in 2017.

Esko Ylinen, the founder of the Halpa-Halli department store chain, had a childhood dream of a store where you could buy lots of goods with little money. With this mindset Halpa-Halli has been delivering everyday groceries and products to Finnish customers from the year 1969; almost for 50 years. Today Halpa-Halli employs close to 1500 employees and the chain has 38 stores located all across Finland. In fact Halpa-Halli gathered a few years of experience from managing a web shop in the early 2000’s and is one of the pioneers of selling products over the internet in Finland. For the last few years Halpa-Halli has practiced e-commerce via Halpa-Halli’s specialty sports and hunting products store chain HHsport.

Kokkolan Halpa-Halli Oy alias HalpaHalli is finnish brans. Multiple store opened first store in Kokkolassa in year 1969  Today chain has in total 36 stores, northern one in Oulu and southest in Pori, Finland.

”We want to offer our customers the same local and safe shopping experience through our web shop to which they are accustomed to at our brick and mortar stores. The quality of our customer service is a top priority also in the development of our web shop.”

– Tuomo Simojoki, Business Director, Halpa-Halli Ltd