Zendesk - Multi-Channel Customer Service & Customer Interface Management

It can be complicated and stressful to manage a modern customer service - or customer relationships in general. Multiple channels can cause hassle to both the management as well as the employees.
However, it can also be easy, pleasant and efficient. Through one interface.

No more confusing separate email threads and post it notes carried around. No more unfinished help requests of any kind. “It was someone else’s job.”

Zendesk is the world’s most used platform in customer service. It brings companies and customers closer together, in every channel. From the company’s point of view the accounts are managed through only one interface and all the necessary information is at hand.

With our help, your customer service and customer relationship management are more efficient and more pleasant also for your employees.

Pepron is a Zendesk reseller (Premier Solution Provider) and our core competence is in applying it to your needs: your present service channels and software. However, the most important adjustments are always made in relation to your everyday processes. Otherwise even the fanciest software is useless. Our years of experience brings best practices to you.
Now. Not after six months of trial and error.

One Interface - Every Channel

Modern customers expect to use modern channels for contacting your business. Channels like web-portals, chat and different social media services like Facebook and Twitter have become as important as the more traditional phone and email channels.

At the same time these modern channels bring an ever growing, fragmented and more time consuming data mass to be handled by your company.

With Zendesk implementing and consolidating these channels into your existing processes and getting the most out of this data mass is easy!

Zendesk - Multi-Channel Customer Service & Customer Interface Management


Comprehensive Customer Service Platform
Customer Satisfaction
Customer Service Automations
Mobile UI
Ready-to-use integrations to leading tools (Jira, Trello, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Magento, Woocommerce, ...)
Custom integrations to any system
Comprehansive API, Mobile SDK
Web-portal / Help Center
Knowledge base
Any other channel (Google Play, Youtube, etc.)



€ 19 / agent / month

  • Basic Customer Service Tool


€ 49 / agent / month

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Reporting
  • Multi-language
  • Time-Tracking


€ 99 / agent / month

  • Agent Roles
  • Ticket Forms
  • Multibrand support
  • Machine Learning


€ 199 / agent / month

  • Unlimited Light Agents
  • 99.9% Uptime SLA
  • 1 hour Service Level
  • Data Center Location
  • Advanced Encryption

Minimum order 20 agents