Customer Support and Sales Tool for MedKit Finland

Pepron provided customer support and sales tool for MedKit Finland.

MedKit Finland is a Finnish company established in 2008 providing emergency and other healthcare supplies both locally and internationally. We operate according to a wholesome service model and strive to be a one-stop-shop for healthcare supplies – serving both professionals and consumers. The company has a versatile range of over 5000 products in their webshop as well as over 8000 Finnish organizations as clients from the healthcare and manufacturing sector.

Clients of MedKit include but are not limited to healthcare units, the national defence forces of Finland, counties, private companies, public organizations, consumers, hospitals, the police force, sports clubs, border patrol and large clients in the manufacturing field. MedKit has evolved from a supplier of products to a company providing a one-stop shop for your healthcare product needs. We offer a versatile range of products, fast deliveries and yes – most of our products can be purchased in single units.

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MedKit’s revenue has increased significanty during the last ten years, seeing hundreds of percents of growth. The company currently has 25 employees and is working towards reaching 12 million euros in revenue during 2020. MedKit’s growth strategy is based on internationalization, improvement and continuous learning.