Customer Service for QuietOn

Pepron provided Zendesk-based customer service solution for QuietOn that serves customers both in the EU and US.

“Snowflakes falling delicately on frozen forest ground or the restfulness of a lake in the setting sun during endless Finnish summer nights.”

These images convey the feeling of peace and tranquility in Finland. We at QuietOn have made it our mission to make this silence accessible to everyone at all times, be it while sleeping next to a snoring partner, in the midst of a crowd in a big city, or high above the clouds during a flight over the Atlantic.

QuietOn earbuds attenuate annoying environmental noises, allowing you to find calm in noise. QuietOn provides optimal noise reduction across the whole audible spectrum. They are most effective at low frequencies such as snoring, ambient sounds coming through walls, or airplane cabin noises. Low frequencies may seem harmless, but they can cause serious damage to your hearing and well-being.

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QuietOn Ltd is a technology enterprise established in 2015. The company designs and manufactures active noise cancelling earplugs that were developed by Matti Nisula and Janne Kyllönen. The company has delivered more than 30,000 units to 120 countries in the world.