Customer Service for Dermosil

Pepron provided Zendesk-based multi-channel customer service solution with integrations to backend systems for Dermosil.

Dermosil is a family business that manufactures products for different skin needs. Our Dermosil products are high-quality and developed for daily use to maintain and promote skin care. Our webshop is the sole sales channel for our products and a meeting place for our customer community.

From our current selection of well over 400 products, you will find high-quality and skin-friendly products for the whole family for different needs.

Lumise webshop

When our founder, Henry, was holding the very first Dermosil product in the 80s, no one could have imagined it would be a start for something big. This product was very gentle and skin-friendly, like a gift for the skin. It was called Dermosil Original Skin Care Cream.

Dermosil has always been much more than just excellent products: buying a Dermosil product is a community event and a large proportion of our customers belong to a group of subscribers. If you don’t have a group yet, you can easily set one up!