Customer Service for Sports Center Hukka

Pepron provided Zendesk-based customer service solution for Hukka.

Health Club Hukka, located in the Heinäpää district in Oulu, provides you excellent indoor training facilities and a wide variety of different sports – all included in a single membership fee.

Hukka boasts over 10,000 square meters of exercise space, including three different gyms and all the equipment you need. Trying out new classes and picking up a new sport is easy! After sweating it out, relax in a classic Finnish sauna or enjoy a comfortable massage.

At Hukka, we believe that people always come first. We take pride in providing a relaxed, supporting atmosphere that respects individual needs, no matter your age or fitness level. We call it the Hukka Spirit!

“With Zendesk, the handling of customer feedback and repair needs has significantly quickened. Now we also get feedback directly from the customer on how he or she thinks we handled customer feedback. ” – Anna Rounaja, Development Director of Hukka.

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The 14,000-square-meter sports center Hukka in Oulu is the largest in Northern Finland. Hukka is owned by a family business, and offers a variety of sports to its members. For a single membership fee, members can attend more than one hundred and fifty group exercise classes per week, use high-quality gyms, engage in indoor cycling, and play squash, badminton, street basketball, tennis, and table tennis. In addition to exercise, Hukka offers its members pampering in various forms, for example in its café, relaxation areas, and infrared saunas.